The Friends of the Library, also known as the Monroe County Public Library Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We collect and administer the grants, gifts, bequests, and other monies (outside of local tax receipts) that help make the library's many programs such an integral part of our community. All memberships and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed.
These additional funds help the library buy more books, CDs, movies, and other items for the collections. We also support all of the community's most cherished programs, including puppet shows, summer reading kits, adult reading workshops, author talks, and more.
Vision Statement

We are an active organization of citizens committed to the mission of Monroe County Public Library. Our advocacy and financial support are vital to the Library’s collections, programs, and services. We are recognized as a positive force in the community, and other community organizations seek us as partners for important initiatives, which we welcome.

We communicate our message effectively, and our membership grows each year. Library patrons see evidence of our support and inquire about how to join. New members receive information about the Library and what we do, and how to join our organization.

We are known for our Bookstore and its unique book shopping experience. We seek new ways to raise funds and other support for the Library and for programs related to the Library as determined by the Board.

We work in close collaboration with the Library, and are an autonomous organization, representing the membership of Friends for the community.
Values Statement
  • COMMUNITY: We believe that the Library is an asset that exists for the use of everyone in the community.
  • ADVOCACY:  We are actively involved in advocacy efforts to increase access to and support for the Library.
  • LIFELONG LEARNING:  We continuously seek new ideas and opportunities to change and grow, and we value feedback from others in the community.
  • DEMOCRACY:  We are a democratic forum for discussion, and a liaison for members of the Foundation and citizens at the Library.  We celebrate an open, public institution, respectful of patrons, staff, and all citizens.
Contact Information
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